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AVLSC clinic

Advanced Videoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgery Centre (AVLSC)
Lagos: 22, Daniyan Natalia Str., Lekki Phase One
Abuja: 16, Thomas Sankara Str., Asokoro
Phone  0816 828 5829 or 0810 018 7790 or 0803 575 3273
Dr Ojukwu Laparoscopy Surgeon - About Us

Minimally invasive surgery is the gold standard of practice in developed countries, we practice this here and now in a developing country and have been here since 2005. The challenges are immense but we strive for excellence 

Personnel: the first assistants, registered nurses and specialized consultants are all well versed in the diverse array of equipment. 

Sterilization: this is extremely important to us. We follow strict guidelines of CDC, FDA, SAGES and do not cut corners despite cost. Our Ritter autoclave is used for certain instruments, the rest are put through Rapizyme enzyme cleaner for decontamination prior to Perasafe (Dupont) disinfectant/sterilant to ensure complete sterilization. We make sure we completely eradicate all bacteria, fungi, parasites, spores and viruses in all our equipment.

Attire: we regularly wear medical scrubs and never shirts, cufflinks, ties or skirts. This enables easy patient contact and reduces infection rates to infinitesimal levels. 

Length of hospitalization: we are of the opinion that a patient’s home bed is the place to be. We keep hospitalization to the barest minimum to reduce risk of thrombosis, hospital infections, etc. 

DVT prophylaxis: all patients wear sequential compression stockings and at risk patients in addition wear the pump stocking garments in addition to low molecular weight heparin all to prevent DVT 

Starch-free gloves: we only use starch and talc-free gloves to prevent adhesions, allergic reactions and granuloma formation 

LAGOS: Enter Lekki Phase One through the rear gate (3rd Round About), Left turn at Manor Event Centre, Second Left turn unto Adebisi Oguniyi Str, Ist left turn unto Ohousi Itoya Street (Road 74)

ABUJA: Asokoro. Number One Mohammed Isma Close, near A.I.T., Off T.Y. Danjuma Street, Asokoro

AVLSC clinic