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Dr John Ojukwu

Advanced Videoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgery Centre (AVLSC)
Lagos: 22, Daniyan Natalia Str., Lekki Phase One
Abuja: 16, Thomas Sankara Str., Asokoro
Phone  0816 828 5829 or 0810 018 7790 or 0803 575 3273
Dr Ojukwu Laparoscopy Surgeon Research

Feliciano DV, Ojukwu JC, Rozycki GS, Ballard RB, Ingram WL, Salomone JP, Namias N, Newman PG.
The epidemic of cocaine-related juxtapyloric perforations: with a comment on the importance of testing for helicobacter pylori. Ann Surg. 1999;229:801-806.

Onyekwere CA, Ojukwu JC
The Epidemiologic Profile of Pancreatic Cancer and Management Outcomes in Lagos, Nigeria. Pak J Med Sci. 2008(part 1) Vol 24 No 2. 340-343

Ojukwu JC
Laparoscopy under local anaesthesia for staging and diagnosis of abdominal malignancies: 67 cases

Ojukwu JC
Sentinel lymph node biopsy in a developing country: 32 cases

Ojukwu JC
Transumbilical laparoscopic assisted single incision double trocar appendectomy

Ojukwu JC
Draping for laparoscopy in a developing country

Ojukwu JC
Sterilization of laparoscopic and endoscopic instruments in a developing country

Ojukwu JC
A review of 417 laparoscopic cholecystectomies in a developing country

Ojukwu JC
Colonoscopic resection of early rectosigmoid neoplasia

Ojukwu JC
Optimization of bowel preparation for colonoscopy in a developing country

Ojukwu JC
Triple negative breast cancer management in a developing country

Ojukwu JC
Does immediate mastectomy save lives in advanced breast cancer?